Lewie Evans

I was born and grew up in the West Sussex village of North Lancing. Trips to Brighton were somewhat rare during my childhood, and as soon as I passed my driving test in my college years, I made effort to discover what the city had to offer, day and night. I soon moved away to go to university, which saw me live in both Surrey and then Camden, London for the best part of six years. Knowing I one day would move back, I’m proud to now call Brighton my home. Settled with two young children, trips to the nearby pier are regular. I love the mix of people that it attracts, the nostalgia and the sea air. It is a place I can be to escape. As a fair weather runner, it also acts as a start and end point to my seafront exercise routine! The lit neon type has an authentic and timeless feel, reminding me of those late teen years, and for me is an iconic sign in this wonderful city.

3 Colour Risograph

Edition of 25

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Curated by:Ty Abiodun